For what programme can you looking forward?

Our first guest can’t be anyone else than our all the time smiling and positive vibes making Anče, who’s going to officially open our festival with her talk!
Popular nonchalant singer-songwriter Xavier Baumaxa is one of those who’s gonna warm up Saturday night fun.
Michal & Lukáš. Probably we don’t need to introduce you further these two and their well known project Slackshow. They have been experiencing a lot while performing through years so they definitely have much to talk about. That’s why they will show up on Friday at the festival in a bit different way than usual – as speakers during their talk.
We’re going to fly on Saturday! There will be really much to see! A Czech cup trickline contest will be held at the festival and you’ll have a chance to watch the best riders comparing their mastery. Even skill competition is gonna be organized and you can win some cool prizes. Everybody can register for the competition right on site!
Do you wanna experience electronic dance music with sounds of traditional musical instruments? Singing and rapping? Fusion of musiciens and DJ’s? You’ll have a great chance to see and hear all of this in Adršpach thanks to elemental music band New Sound Orchestra from Hradec Kralové which is going to make all of us dance during Saturday night!

We are very pleased to welcome Petra Lamačová and her workshop called ‘Art of the movement’ to Adršpach Castle. This is a class based on functional movement, play-fight principals, movement culture and contact improvisation. So what you can expect from the workshop? ‘We’ ll be working with collective centre of bodies while moving and also with transferring of weight in slow as well as dynamic rhythm. Our bodies will appear in different intensity of contact to let them mutual communicate and form themselves’says Peta. Human body is fascinating and Peťa is offering a chance to mobilize, spoil, torture, boost and understand the yours ones.
Friday night, we’ll be having Selector Boldrik, performing for our ears and dance. One of the main Czech reggae representatives will be drifting us on the swinging rhythms of reggae and dancehall. For sure he’s gonna present not just one of his dubplate.
To keep Friday night in reggae mood ,after Boldrik, we’ll welcome Michal Seps with his acoustic performace, one of the well-known czech reggae singers, multi-instrument player and lyric writer. He is gonna present his new songs from his second album which is being prepared right now as well as the songs not usually played with his band Reggiment.

Our next dear guest is climber, photographer and film maker Jan Simanek who is handling really a lot – organizing festival of clasical climbing POVL in Czech paradise, documentary film making of czech climbers Onsajt. His last awarded film is“From hammer to drilling”. You can come to see his newest work – movie “Move the borders” which is catching the story of road trip throught Balkan with Adam Ondra, getting to know new spots and making new routes. Come to listen his talk about the month filming journey.

We’re very happy to also welcome our next guest – Vojtech Fröhlich. Climber, slackliner, photographer and artist, FAMU and AVU graduate. Currently he runs Avu Club at Letná. During his “instalation” he is primarily working with his body and hereby transferring climbing and slacklining into the gallery interiors. How? Come to listen his talk to understand how these two seeming different worlds are being interfaced.

In the castle area you can look forward to see chosen sales booth of local brands or our friends. One of them is our @keramikaodkarci who is making traditional colourful ceramic tin mugs. If you already have your “tin mug” , there will be a chance to choose from other products which are currently in making process. Another sales place belong to Evicka alias @kefin. Do you want to buy a bra from Evka but you’re not sure if it will fit on you? Come to try one. There is going to be a fitting room. We will not be missing even Terka, so @baterca and her climbing clothes being sew with love in Trutnov. We also gonna welcome @kreatelier – slackliner Zuzka will present her handmade products, from jewellery to wooden plates. You can also choose a backpack or a bag from Beata @Bbags who is coming from Nachod. Of course there is gonna be possibility to buy @adrdesign clothes or beads and yogamats from @micimici. You will be able to make your own barefoot shoes, Lea and Anča will help you. You can also enjoy delicious coffee from the @kafírnatrutnov.
Let us introduce you another interesting guest who is Zdenek Brabec alias “Žeňa”, climber, former Czechoslovak representative and participant of high mountains expeditions. He was also awarded as “master of sport”. During his talk he will show us his slides from Hindúkuš (1970), Makalu (1973), Kavkaz (1975) and Mount Everest (1984) expeditions.
Ecologist and skier Martin Erlebach will tell us something about the natural conditions in the protected areas of the North Bohemia (KRNAP and the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area). He will talk in more detail about why these areas are protected, about their development, geography, current status, problems, and how to combine nature conservation interests and athletes’ interests.
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