Important information about festival, parking, prices, program etc.
Can I come to the festival earlier?

The festival officially begins on Thursday 18th July. Until then, it is not possible to camp in areas reserved for the festival or use other festival areas. Point your arrival on Thursday, if you arrive earlier, accommodation and parking in Adrspach is up to you.

How do I get to the festival?

Address: Dolní Adršpach 75, 549 57, Czech Republic

From Trutnov it is best to reach us by train – get off at the stop “Adršpach” and walk back about 1 km in the direction of Trutnov, you will have the castle by your right hand. When traveling by bus, get off at “Dolní Adršpach” stop and then walk around the main road about 200 meters in the direction of Teplice nad Metují. We also recommend using carsharing or hitchhike to Adršpach. If you plan to go by car, please try filling the car. You can offer carsharing on the event or elsewhere to reduce the number of cars. Also note that the capacity of our car park may be full.

Carsharing – Blablacar or Facebook Groups:



Train – Prague Main Station – Trutnov Main Station – Adrspach

Timetables: https://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/pid/spojeni/

Bus – Prague Černý most – Trutnov Bus Station – Dolní Adršpach (or continue by train)

Timetables: https://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/pid/spojeni/

Hitchhike – Praha Černý most (Kiss and Ride place) – Hradec Králové – Jaroměř – Trutnov or Náchod – Adršpach

Hitching point: https://mapy.cz/zakladni?x=14.5798216&y=50.1095504&z=18&source=traf&id=39475

Is there some parking place in the festival?

Yes, we have our own space for parking, which is only for festival participants (60CZK/festival). Parking space will be displayed on the map. However, the number of parking spaces are limited, so we recommend using a different type of transport or arriving on time 🙂 If our parking lot is full, it is difficult to park in Adrspach. Then, we recommend to use the parking lot in Teplice nad Metují next to the main railway station and continue to Adršpach by train. Please do not park in places that are not reserved for it, like along roads, meadows, cottages, parking bans, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Sleeping place is on the castle grounds?

No. We have a tent town, which is located in the place right under the castle. The castle area have to be empty every day after midnight! The party will always continue in the Stodola, which is about 50 meters from the grounds. If you sleep in a van, we have a different parking space.

Can I take part in the Czech trickline cup?

Yes, anyone can join the race. Registration will take place on the spot.

Can I swim in a rock lake?

It is forbidden to bath in any hours in the rock lake! A good alternative on hot days is the nearby Krzeszów quarry in Poland (20 km) or the public swimming pool in Teplice nad Metují (8 km).

How do I get to the rock city?

It is necessary to show any climbing card or to be accompanied by this member (ČHS, CAF, CAI, DAV, JAMES, PZA, Österreichier Alpenverein and other mountaineering organizations).

How is it with food and drink in the festival are?

There will be a bar in the castle area where you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a small snack bar. There are also two restaurants nearby – the traditional Czech cuisine in the U Tošováka pub, or the pizzeria and the café Kalírna. Unfortunately, there is no grocery store in Adrspach, so if you plan to cook on the spot, take some supplies with you. The nearest grocery store is in Teplice nad Metují (8km), or you have more choice in Poland in Mieroszów (10km) in Biedronka or in Trutnov (20km).

Should I take some cash with me?

Yes. There is not possible to pay by card in the festival are, but there is an ATM nearby, at the entrance to the rocks near the Hotel Skalní město.

If you have some more questions, please contact us on e-mail, FB or phone.