About festival

Adršpach Highline meeting is back again!
This year we’d like to spread our festival between the public and offer not just only possibility of rigging longlines and highlines but even provide you with interesting talks, concerts and other perfomance and entertainment.
We’re looking forward to seeing all of you! ♥
Important information about festival, parking, prices, program etc. find in FAQ!
We’re very sorry to announce this but there happened things recently which made us to deal with complications with CHKO (PLA – Protected landscape area) management concerning highline rigging at Broumovsko region. The complications were caused by reporting the highline between towers Starostová and Karbaník. The dispute is now being resolved by Czech Slackline Association with the management representative of Protected Landscape Area Broumovsko. The meeting of both association representatives takes place next week and because we don’t want to undermine the smooth progress of negotiations and we really care about the future of highlines in Adršpach (Adršpach rocks are the strictest protected landscape area), we must officially cancel any highlines during the festival in the rocks town area. Believe that our whole team is very unhappy with the situation, we’ve put all the energy into arrangement and we will do our best so you can enjoy both festival and highline experience. There will be several highlines in the valley between Teplice and Adršpach rocks and also in the very premises of our festival – there will be three highlines at the Adršpach Castle area. We try to find and prepare other alternatives. You can also find few longlines, shorter lines and trickline in the Castle garden. Other longlines will be rigged at various places in Adršpach. We want you to be informed about the situation yet before the event and we really hope you will enjoy our festival in spite of this inconvenience. Have a great time, enjoy everything and we’re looking forward to the meetings full of positive emotions and great experience. Thank you for your understanding, more information on the spot.
P.S.: Concerning rock climbing, Adršpach offers beautiful options for traditional climbing. This activity is allowed in accordance with sandstone climbing rules, so it can also be one of the highline alternatives in the rocks…
Thanks to all sponsors and partners:

Obec Adršpach
Zámek Adršpach
Technické služby Adršpach,
Město Teplice nad Metují – oficiální stránka
Total Outdoor
Rafiki – climbing life
Rock Point
Pinguin outdoor equipment
Equilibrium Slacklines
Blue fly – česká značka, výroba termoprádla a outdoorového oblečení
Hostinec U Tošováka


Adrspach rocks are part of czech national nature reserve, therefore strict rules of moving are applied inside of this rocks area. In case you’d like to walk out of marked tourist paths in the rock town you need to be member of ČHS, CAF, CAI, DAV, JAMES, PZA, Österreichischer Alpenverein or any other climbing organization or at least to be accompanied by someone who has this evidence of climbing membership.

There is strictly forbidden to light a fire and any other open fire manipulation in the area and close neighbourhood. Entering and moving on any slackline/highline during the festival is at your own risk. Also there is a strict ban of swimming at the rock lake. Please be aware that in case of CHKO inspection there is a possibility you might be fined if you don‘t follow these rules!